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The Most Comprehensive Report and Interactive Benchmark for Nonprofit Organizations

2015 Luminate Online Benchmark Report

The Luminate Online Benchmark Report is here, and it’s BIG. Nine years running and this is the most comprehensive report yet. In this issue you will find:

  • 685 nonprofit organizations
  • $1.5 billion (yes billion!) dollars raised
  • 22 million transactions processed
  • 6.3 billion emails sent

This large sample size of data, collected directly from our Luminate Online cloud-based platform, gives you a unique view of the nonprofit industry’s 2015 performance and trends.

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Put Yourself into the Report

We've created an interactive benchmarking tool that visualizes your nonprofit’s performance within the industry.

See where you fall on the spectrum of powerhouse organizations that includes some of the largest, most prominent and recognizable names in the industry, as well as some smaller organizations that raise less than $2 million per year online.

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